21 Jun. 2018

Connecting top talent + ideas + opportunities = fuelling innovation

NEW: EHV Innovation Café! A weekly informal mix and match gathering with our Eindhoven TDK community. Together we will treat you with special guests and inspiring breakouts. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what’s up next.

Are you working or interested in the field of Technology, Design or Knowledge? A student, CEO, politician or investor? Join our weekly gatherings full of interesting programs – all in English from June 7 onward. Feel free to drop by anytime on any Thursday between between 5 and 7 pm and give to grow!

Give to grow
Do you like the idea of really unleashing the full potential of our region? Mark the next Thursday in your calendar and join us. We believe in this simple principle: give to grow. We’re sharing opportunities, breakout sessions, a drink and a bite, and we need your help to grow.

Want to join the InnoCafé community as a visitor? No need to enrol, just drop in, any Thursday, anytime between 5 and 7 pm.

Want to stay up to date with the weekly program? Visit the website or sign up for the weekly e-mailnewsletter.

Date: 21 Jun. 2018