18 May. 2018 - 21 May. 2018

Forget the traditional combination of asparagus with ham and egg and think of herbacious morriles (spring mushrooms), tender lamb and fresh gin. During the long Whitsun weekend (from Friday 18 to Monday 21 May) our chef Carlos Blankers gives his own twist to dishes with the 'Queen of Vegetables'.

Delicious dining amidst the new exhibition Born at Night, in which Design Academy's Joseph Grima and Martina Muzi offer a different perspective on design and technology.
Curious about the new flavors of spring? Make sure to reserve a seat for this special 5-course menu à 45, -

The entire 5-course menu:

  • Asparagus, lobster, morels
  • Ravioli, munster cheese, pertuis asparagus
  • Lobster bisque, prussian asparagus
  • Lamb, burrata, tomato, basil, wild asparagus
  • Gin, cucumber, lemon thyme, raspberry, white asparagus

Kazernes robust and vegetable oriented kitchen with an Italian twist is open daily for lunch, drinks and dinner. Book your seat online or call 040 3041388.


Date: 18 May. 2018 - 21 May. 2018
Location: Kazerne